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About Us

Since 2009, our company has been providing custom uniforms under the name Team Sports USA.

We have been working and preparing to provide our current and future customers a better service and product. We are confident that we will provide all of your uniform needs and issues. In addition, a part of the profit from our company will be allocated to help the needy neighbors and through scholarships, as well as for mission projects abroad. Lastly, our company seeks to develop into a company that can help and provide assistance to both Orange County and the local community.


  1. Serve all customers with honesty and integrity.
  2. Set priority on the needs of customers, not on selling products.
  3. Provide the best product and service so that the customers want to return.


Team Sports USA will be a reputable compay recogznied by people amonst other uniform providing companies that seek to provide aid to not only its community, but also to those in need around the world.


  1. Our word with our customers will be valued and kept.
  2. We will complete our service in the timeline promised.
  3. We will maintain the highest quality of production.
  4. Continuous effort will be poured into exceeding our customer expectations and satisfaction.
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