Screen Printing
Screen print your custom logo or graphic design onto any one of a thousand apparel products! We provide the best-results screen printing, simulated process, and custom transfer work. We provide the best quality screen printing across the widest range of products and categories, with thousands of printable promotional products available, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tote bags, corporate uniforms and much more.
One Way Uniform specializes in top quality embroidery services. Industry-leading digitizing and experienced customer care and support, our clients can rest assured that every garment will be produced with the highest accuracy and quality.
Digital Printing
Digital printing is a high-tech process that allows customers to print highly detailed artwork without requiring a minimum order. This process applies ink directly onto the garment. Digital printing allows for multiple colors and gradient colors, but is best used on certain color shirts or fabric types.
Heat Transfer
Heat transfer is a process of applying a thin film onto the garment under heat and pressure. This process allows for a bright and sharp image or personalization of garments and uniforms. This is a very common process used for numbering and personalizing of team jerseys and uniforms. This is recommended for use with one or two color options. This is a reasonably priced option for customizing.
Digital Printing Heat Transfer
This process is possible thanks to the latest development in technology and ink. This process is a combination of Digital Printing and Heat Transfer where customers can print any multi-color gradient art work to a film that is heat transferred onto a garment under high heat and pressure. Unlike the screen printing, this process does not limit the customer to the number of colors or a minimum order.
Tackle Twill
Tackle twill is the preferred choice for athletic lettering and numbering and is found on the jerseys and apparel of your favorite professional, collegiate, or sports teams. Tackle twill (sew on numbers, sew on lettering) is a combination of letters, numbers or designs cut from a piece of fabric that are sewn onto a garment with a zigzag or satin stitch. Although tackle twill is most commonly seen on sports team uniforms, in the decorated apparel industry, instead of embroidering a large area, using tackle twill can reduce embroidery stitch count and provides an authentic professional look.